Mission Vision and Values Mission Vision and Values

For the One

Our Mission

We exist to lead THE ONE far from God to pursue full life in Christ. At the end of the day, everything we do is focused on serving “the one.”

Mission Vision and Values Mission Vision and Values

Our Values


We Are Set Free By Grace

We believe God will do anything to pursue people, which is why He sent Jesus to live in our shoes and die in our place. That story is good news. It’s the greatest news. It’s the gospel story, and it has the potential to transform sinful hearts into soft and tender ones. We experience this freedom by encountering the Truth of God’s Word; reading it, teaching it, and applying it to our lives. Empty religion has never helped anyone, but a relationship with God sets us free to experience the truth that what Jesus did for us is enough. His grace creates a life-giving environment where we can finally love others as we are loved, forgive them as we’ve been forgiven, and obey God because we want to, not because we have to. In a city starving for second chances, we’re becoming grace dealers wherever we go.

We Are a Vibrant Community

This value begins with the desire to create the warmest, most welcoming environments in our city, wherever and whenever we gather. We preach with passion, sing with abandon, and come alive in God’s Presence. people are accepted into a spiritual family that is colorfully diverse, where our greatest strengths come from our deepest differences, and every person’s story matters. In small groups we open our authentic selves to one another. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We want to laugh, have fun, and enjoy life in creative ways. To us, that seems like the kind of church Jesus would enjoy if He was here: one that is bright, vivid, and pulsating with life and love.

We Serve Our City With Compassion

We love Philadelphia! We see big cities as big opportunities to demonstrate God’s big heart for people. Our city is filled with tangible needs that deserve practical solutions. We may not be able to meet them all, but that won’t stop us from meeting the needs we can with the resources we have. We want to be good neighbors. Most of us are serving happens behind the scenes as we become aware of the people around us and respond with genuine concern. God’s heart beats for the city, and we are asking him to let it beat faster and louder in us. As it does, Philly becomes the place where we love to live, and live to serve.

We Are Radically Generous

We believe God is the most generous being in the universe. He gave his Son so we could live, which means there’s nothing else He’d ever withhold. We are being changed by Him from selfish consumers to open handed stewards, and the difference is beautiful. We are ready to share anything if our generous God nudges us; our time, our words, our money–even our homes. We give it away creatively, consistently, and joyfully. This path isn’t easy or natural, but it is so much fun that when people cross over to it they just can’t get enough! in a world that is so used to people taking, radical generosity breaks through in surprising ways leading unlikely people to taste and see that God is good.

We Are Setting a Legacy Into Motion

We believe success is more than what we accomplish. It’s what we set in motion. In order to multiply our influence we seek to be intentionally reproducible in every way. We develop leaders who believe in people by recognizing their potential and drawing it out. We want to see beyond ourselves by sowing money instead of just saving it and sending people instead of just seating them. We believe God is an initiator who loves to birth new things, and we want to join Him by continually starting new campuses and new churches. And we want to empower the next generation so our kids will take this vision further than we ever could.

Our Vision

Our vision is to love God, love people, and prove it. We believe we grow best when we’re gathering on the weekend, connecting in a Life Group, and serving on the Dream Team.

Mission Vision and Values Mission Vision and Values

Our Processes

This is how we grow spiritually at City Life.


Love God

We want to help you develop a dynamic relationship with God. Weekend worship services are the catalyst that leads to spiritual growth, regardless of where you are in your journey. If you’re new to church, every weekend you’ll have the opportunity to worship God and hear the message of Jesus in a way you can understand. If you’re an experienced believer, you’ll grow spiritually. The goal is to kick-start the week with God, so we can keep growing spiritually all week long as we learn to practice spiritual disciplines.

Love People

We also want to help you build great relationships with other City Lifers throughout the week. Our Life Groups are designed to be the relational tie that creates the kind of community we were all created to experience. We don’t believe spiritual growth can happen in isolation. Following Jesus is a team sport!

Prove It

Ultimately, our goal is to put feet to our faith and serve our city in radical and practical ways. “Prove it” represents everything that happens at City Life behind the scenes. It’s discovering our gifts and offering them in worship to God by serving on the Dream Team, and contributing to something bigger than us. What makes a church great is a lot of people just like you being great in an area of service, both within our walls and outside of them.

We believe God wants to do something new in your life.

Take a step today!