Our Team

Brad Leach

Lead Pastor

As founder and lead pastor of City Life, Brad loves to preach inspiring messages that help people laugh, cry, and love Jesus more deeply. Brad is husband to Leah, and father of Gabby, Claire, Caleb and Karis. Originally from Michigan, Brad gladly made the move to Philly in 2010 when it became clear that God was calling him to start a new church in this beautiful city. Brad has been a pastor for 16 years. His passion is to build up teams and leaders to reach out to THE ONE; it excites him to see people who may not come from religious backgrounds experience God in personal and transformational ways.

Favorite food: Filet Mignon (medium)
Favorite book: Ultra Marathon Man by Dean Karnazes
Life motto/quote: “Success is not what you accomplish. It’s what you set in
motion.”- Jeff Leake
Favorite sport: Is fantasy football a sport? If not, then basketball. Trust the process!
Favorite movie/TV show: Shark Tank
Fun fact: My nickname growing up was Bumper, because I ran into things a lot.

Leah Leach

Leah grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, where she worked in full-time kids and middle school ministry before marrying Brad and joining him in Michigan. She is passionate about the local church and believes it’s the tool God wants to use to change the world. Leah came to Philly to launch City Life in 2010, and has served on the Leadership Team in various positions since then. She loves communicating God’s Truth and connecting with new and long-time CityLifers every week. She also loves her family! She and Brad have been married for 9 years and are parents to Gabriella, 7, Claire, 6, Caleb, 4, and Karis, 1.

Favorite food: Hmmmmm . . . hard to narrow it down, but I’m going to go with peanut butter chocolate ice cream with rainbow jimmies. And pizza.
Favorite book: Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
Life motto/quote: Bad things may happen, but God’s goodness will prevail.
Favorite sport: Football. Steelers. And also the Eagles, when they’re not playing the Steelers. ☺
Favorite movie/TV show: I miss LOST. I really loved LOST. And The Office can make me laugh.
Fun fact: My name means Wild Cow in Hebrew.

Chip Gallup

Associate Pastor

If City Life were a baseball team, Chip would be our utility player, stepping in to serve wherever he is needed. He also leads the Usher Team. He grew up in San Diego, California, and later moved to a small town in the High Desert of California where he interned and served as a youth pastor. Chip and his wife, Amanda—who met at CityLife—have one daughter, Amelia. Chip loves food (all types of food!), which is why we lovingly call him our “Pastor-at-large!” So if you’re looking for someone to grab a meal with: he’s your guy! He loves all sports, too, even golf and tennis, and has a goal of attending a major event for every sport.

Favorite food: In a city that has so many good restaurants it’s hard to pick a favorite food. So here would be a perfect food day:
Breakfast: Sam’s Morning Glory frittata and biscuit
Lunch: Royal Tavern’s house burger
Dinner: Buddukan’s sea bass
Favorite book: Scary Close by Donald Miller
Life motto/quote: Make it happen.
Favorite sport: Baseball, Go Padres!!
Favorite movie/TV show:
Movie: Jason Bourne Series
TV Show: Suits
Fun fact: I have a brother named . . . Dale

Janna Flower

Connections Pastor

As Connections Pastor, Janna oversees the Guest Services Team and Life Group ministry. She enjoys leading and developing teams and working with them to help others feel welcomed and find meaningful community. After college, Janna moved to Philly to work as a youth pastor in an inner-city church. During that time her heart for the city grew. She has her license as a professional counselor and a passion to bring hope and healing to those who feel lost and broken. A true outdoor girl, Janna loves gardening, camping, or simply relaxing on her porch swing.

Favorite food: Indian. Mexican. Greek. Seafood. COFFEE.
Favorite book: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Life motto/quote: “In every encounter we either give life or we drain it. There is no neutral exchange.” -Brennan Manning
Favorite sport: Hiking
Favorite movie/TV show: The Mission, including its haunting soundtrack.
Fun fact: I love good adventures that turn into great stories. One thing I’ve often found myself saying is, “Let’s do it, as long as no one gets hurt.” Monkeys in Malaysia, bathhouse in Morocco, swimming in Glacier all make for an enriched life.

AJ Luca

Weekend Service Director

As Weekend Service Director, and as a worship leader, AJ enjoys working with the worship and production teams to create an environment where people can experience the life-changing presence of God. Having led worship since she was 13, she is grateful for her parents who are in music ministry and always encouraged her to serve. AJ has lived in Philly since 2007, but grew up in South Jersey and says she will always be a Jersey girl at heart. AJ loves songwriting, the ocean, and her two cats, Mary and Martha, who she says are very mischievous but unbelievably cute.

Favorite food: My mom’s lasagna. And chocolate. And peanut butter . . . do I have to pick just one??
Favorite book: Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller
Life motto/quote: “Life beats down and crushes the soul, and art reminds you that you have one.” – Stella Adler
Favorite sport: Football, especially if the Dillon Panthers (from Friday Night Lights) are playing 🙂
Favorite movie/TV show:
Movie: My Big Fat Greek Wedding
TV show: That Girl
Fun fact: I loved to sing the Chicken Dance in Italian when I was 2.

Shannen Santisteven

City Life Kids Director

As City Life Kids Director, Shannen wants the children of Philly to know they are loved by God, saved through Christ, and created for a purpose. Shannen and her husband, Mark, fell in love with the City Life vision in 2010, when the church was still in its planning stages and have been a part of CityLife ever since. Shannen is passionate about her family; she and Mark are parents to son, Ezra, 2, and newborn daughter, Kai. In Shannen’s free time, she enjoys music, cooking, and going to see live concerts by her favorite bands.

Favorite food: Chocolate. I almost always have some with me!
Favorite book: Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ by John Piper
Favorite movie/TV show:
Movie: Dumb and Dumber
TV Show: Lost. Best show ever created. My husband and I still watch it!

Darrell Hendricks

Student Ministry Director

As Student Ministry Director, Darrell strives to help students build authentic faith in Christ while preparing them for leadership in their church, schools, community and the world. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Darrell has been volunteering with the city’s youth since he was fifteen. He and his wife, Shalaya, have “four beautiful, bright, bold, insanely loud kids”: Treeanna, Darrell, Destiny and Dean—and an imaginary dog named Cupcake. Darrell enjoys writing music and poetry, singing and rapping.

Favorite food: My favorite food is anything my wife makes—her cooking is “mmm-mmm” good! Her food gives me a taste of what heaven is like.
Favorite book: Besides the Bible, my favorite book is The Little Engine that Could by Watty Piper, because it’s a story of belief, hope, faith, courage and determination.
Life motto/quote: I have two:
“A child with a dream is a child with a future.” – Wintley Phipps
“Serving others, serves you best.” – I created this one myself
Favorite sport: I’ve played a lot of sports: basketball, swimming, gymnastics and boxing, but my favorite sport is thumb-wrestling! I’m undisputed, undefeated and always looking for a worthy opponent.
Favorite movie/TV show:
Movie: The Pursuit of Happiness
TV Show: MARTIN, starring Martin Lawrence.
Fun fact: I was in a boy band. LOL

Ginger Gerrish

Assistant to Pastor Brad

As Assistant to the lead pastor, Ginger strives to take things off Pastor Brad’s plate so he can focus on things that only he can do. She loves her job, which includes a lot of behind-the-scenes work and planning City Life’s special events. Born and raised in California, Ginger moved to Philly for grad school. She is pursuing a graduate degree in Urban Education. She and her husband, Ben, have been married for just over a year. Ginger loves to cook! Whether it’s a dinner party for friends or just having Ben taste-test a new recipe, she says cooking for people gives her so much joy.

Favorite food: Avocados . . . like, an avocado tree would really help alleviate my weekly grocery bill. I make a mean guacamole.
Favorite book: Eh…grad school can kind of kill your love of reading. Nowadays, anything that I don’t have to read for school is my favorite.
Life motto/quote: My husband and I have a little thing that we say to each other often . . . “Better together.” It may be cheesy, but it’s become our little war cry of sorts as we’ve ventured into this first year of marriage.
Favorite sport: Soccer
Favorite movie/TV show: It’s probably a tie between The Fast and the Furious 5 and 6 …just kidding.
Fun fact: I know that I said avocados were my favorite food, but a close second is cornbread. I recently found out that there is a National Cornbread Festival and that quickly jumped to the top of my bucket list.