End of Year Giving

It is a great time to stretch your faith through giving. Missed giving in this year’s offering? You can still give online! The offering will go toward three strategic projects to reach The One through our church, our city, and our world.

East Africa Water Well

Water is the source of life! In America, we often take clean drinking water for granted, but in third-world countries many still do not have access to clean water. Today alone, more than 2,000 children will perish from preventable, waterborne illness. We are partnering with some of the Philadelphia Eagles and the Waterboys initiative to help drill a well for a village in East Africa.


South Philly High Grant:

God has given us a great space to gather every weekend, and we want to continue to invest in our partnership with South Philly High. Our goal is to create a fund from which we can consistently offer grants to help empower the school’s staff members to accomplish strategic goals and dreams during the school year. This is our opportunity to demonstrate God’s generous heart to one of the most strategic high school’s in Philadelphia.


Future Facility Fund

We are continuing to look to the future and anticipate the need to secure our own facility so we can establish a permanent weekend worship space, and outreach center throughout the week. This part of the offering will expand our future facility fund.