During the week of April 23rd-30th, City Life is going on a missions trip to Philadelphia! This is an outreach where we create numerous projects to share God’s love with our city, through buying people’s morning coffee, bringing care packages to hospitals and emergency workers, and other ways of reaching out to The One.

Check out the list of projects below. You can participate through your Life Group, and/or join other projects by clicking the sign-up button below.

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If you’d like to contribute financially to Servolution, You can donate online. All money donated will be given out to Philly during Servolution Week.

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Opportunities to Serve

(Monday, April 23rd – Saturday, April 29th)

Graveyard Shift Outreach

Sunday, April 23rd
What: Bring gifts to workers on the graveyard shift
When: 9:45 pm

Where: Various locations

Medical Monday

Monday, April 24th
What: Food for staff and care packages for patients

When: 6:30 pm

Where: Methodist

Refugee Family Dinner

Monday, April 24th
What: Provide dinner and gift baskets for families
When: 1:00 pm

Where: Nationalities Service Center

Logan Hope School

Tuesday, April 25th
What: Support under-resourced school serving Cambodian refugees

Where: Logan’s Hope School

When: 11:00 am

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Kick-Off

Tuesday, April 25th
What: Support FCA as they start their initiative with Southern

Where: South Philadelphia High School
When: 5:00 pm

Y.E.S. (Youth Emergency Shelter) Outreach

Tuesday, April 25th
What: Dinner & activities with homeless youth

Where: Fairmount neighborhood

When: 6:15 pm (limited space)

Fireman’s Breakfast

Wednesday, April 26th
What: Provide breakfast to local fire department

Where: TBD
When: TBD

South Philadelphia Police Lunch

Wednesday, April 26th
What: Provide lunch to police officers

Where: 3rd District Headquarters

When: 11:30 am

Hope Center Appreciation

Wednesday, April 26th
What: Appreciation breakfast for Hope Center employees

Where: North Philly

When: 4:00 pm

Hawthorne Community Center

Wednesday, April 26th
What: Host a pizza party for the workers and youth involved in the Hawthorne Community Center.

Where: Hawthorne Community Center

When: 6:00 pm

Teacher Appreciation

Thursday, April 27th
What: Breakfast for teachers and staff

Where: South Philly High

When: 6:45 am

Hope Center Baby Shower

Thursday, April 27th
What: Throw a baby shower for 4 moms-to-be from the Hope Pregnancy Center

Where: Hope Center

When: 5:00 pm (limited space)

Septa Driver Care Packages

Thursday, April 27th
What: Pass out care packages to septa bus drivers
Where: 15th & Market
When: 6:00 pm

Starbucks & Dunkin Donuts Buy-Down

Friday, April 28th
What: Pay-down at for customers

Where: Broad & Jackson Sts.

When: 7:00 am

Groceries for Refugee Families

Saturday, April 29th
What: Provide groceries and care bags for 10 Congolese refugee families.

Where: 12th & Snyder

When: 4:30 pm

South Street Blitz

Friday, April 28th
What: Customer buy-downs at 2 locations

Where: South Street

When: 6:00 pm

Servolution Rally

Saturday, April 29th
What: Celebrate what God is doing in Philadelphia

Where: Church of Philadelphia

When: 10:00 am

Pizza Party for Philly

Saturday, April 29th
What: Pay-down/distribute free pizza coupons

Where: Rosa’s Fresh Pizza

When: 11:30 am

ShopRite Buy-Down

Saturday, April 29th
What: Buy groceries and health care info to customers

Where: ShopRite on Oregon Ave.

When: 12:00 pm

Sex Worker Outreach

Saturday, April 29th
What: Outreach to sex workers in Philly, partnering with the Rock Church.

Where: Kensington area

When: 9:00 pm